About Me

I have been practising circus skills for the best part of fifteen years. Once upon a time, I was a physics teacher in a secondary school; I left that to enter the world of circus and have been here ever since!

I have performed across the U.K. with various groups including The Ladybird Project, the Happy Slap BoutiqueSlamboree, and many others. Plus performances at numerous juggling conventions including the Open Stage at the prestigious British Juggling Convention. I have also performed in several countries throughout Europe and in the United States of America. I am very proud to have represented the UK with the Fireworks Collective at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert in 2014.

Though performing is wonderful, my main passion is still in teaching. I've simply traded physics for circus skills. I have taken a leading role in organising circus skills workshops for many groups and events; including contributing to the circus program at Camp Augusta in California. I pride myself on maintaining at all times a friendly and safe atmosphere for people to learn new skills.
Circus arts can be a lifelong passion, it certainly is for me, and I aim to share that joy with as many people and in as many ways as possible!
One final note...
Very little of what I have achieved as a circus artist could have been done without the support, talents, encouragement, and teaching of numerous people.
This website features the excellent creative work of many photographers and make-up artists. Thank you very much to photographers Care Amore, Harry Chappel, Michael Marks, Sam Moss, Scott Salt, and Piers Van Looy; and make-up artists Pixie Lawrie, Grace McComisky, Elvis Schmoulianoff, Victoria Stansfield, and Tom Woodland for their talents and generosity.
To the best of my knowledge I have permission to use these photographs, and in return for this the photographers and artists have my permission to use my image in their work. If your work or image is featured here and you are in any way unhappy about how it is used please get in contact and we can sort it out. No copyright infringement is intended and no claim is made to have created the images myself. Thank you.