Extreme Workshops


Fire Manipulation

Whip Cracking

In this fiery workshop you will learn to spin staff and poi. Then learn how to spin these props while on fire.
Plus fire eating and fire trailing!
In this cracking workshop you will learn to make an "instant-whip" and learn how to crack it in three different ways.
The workshop will end with a target cracking competition as well as a quick draw competition.
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These workshops are perfect for hen-dos or bachelorette parties (or in fact stags or bachelor parties) or as a gift. Groups are usually up to 8 and bookings are generally made for whole groups rather than as individuals.
Please note that these workshops carry an element of danger. All relevant safety precautions are taken, including use of proper technique and personal protective equipment. Plus the workshop includes basic safety training and precautions which are expected to be used and followed at all times. However, these precautions by myself and by participants are not able to entirely remove all risks, accidents can still happen. These workshops are for adults only unless in special circumstances and all participants must take final responsibility for their own safety.
This workshop is designed as a taster-session or a gateway into the skill; you will not be able to end this workshop as a professional performer and will not be equipped to use the skills alone. If you intend to continue with the activity yourself afterwards, further training and practise are required, and constant safety precautions (including protective equipment and appropriate gear) must be maintained at all times.