School Day Workshop for Secondary Schools

Usually these are a half day or a whole day. We can start with a show in assembly to the whole school demonstrating the skills that will be taught in the day. The show also includes an introduction, a little history on the circus, and some handy-dandy tips on how to practise and learn effectively. Plus a few fancy tricks of my own. Then we move on to workshops for each class separately. These commonly work best at around an hour each. These can be timetabled to work around the school's own schedule.
Each workshop includes training in several circus skills props. Plus a plenary discussion of what we have learned. Or they could be more specifically focused on a particular circus skill such as diabolo or ball juggling. Whether you want a selection of skills or a single skill "masterclass"-style of workshop is likely defined by what you want the pupils to learn from their experience.
In addition to learning the particular circus skills, this type of workshop can train other skills too. Such as mindfulness, hand-eye coordination, mental and physical self-control, and determination.
This sort of workshop can supplement your school's work on a number of topics and can be specifically catered to focus on these if you so wish.
     - Health and Well-being; circus skills are a life-long interest for many people and a great way to stay active and keep fit.
     - Physical Education; through the application of skilled manipulation of objects and the pupil's own body.
     - Mental Health and Well-Being; many people find that the personal and social benefits of circus skills help to improve and maintain their mental health. A hobby pursued with passion can work wonders.
     - Drama; though the application of learning and showing performance skills in the field of object manipulation. 
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